About Shinrai

Shinrai, an AI-powered web data extraction company that aims to integrate relevant text/numerical web data into enterprise workflows. Shinrai is able to take public/internal structured & unstructured data and derive patterns within the data to provide clients with analytics, predictions, and signals.


Marketing Intern

January 2020 - April 2020 New York City, NY
“This was a great place to intern and learn about a different side of the business world. I enjoyed my time here, working in a mostly flat organization with good management and enjoyable projects.”


July 2017 Murphy, TX
“What I most liked about my experience was interacting with the customers no matter who they were. This is because it helps build my communication skills and takes me out of my comfort zone as an introvert. I also enjoyed the employees I worked alongside. They did their jobs just as well as I did and some of them are my closest friends.”
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