About Shive-Hattery

What’s unique about the Shive-Hattery employee experience?

You have the freedom to choose your career path, freedom to experience a diversity of design and freedom to blend your work and your life in a way that works for you. Those that fit best have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to build communities. Our open-door policy means you can approach any manager, group/team leader, senior or peer. Our commitment is to listen to you; you will be heard. Together, we will make a difference.

Communities are created when our sense of place and our sense of belonging collide. At Shive-Hattery, you design the environment where you thrive. We are dedicated to providing a diverse community in forms of work, people and opportunities. It’s easy to build your community through our celebratory culture! Colleagues can also be your friends or support network, making it easy to transition from college or another job, state or culture. Create your space where you continually learn, teach, grow and evolve and help others do the same!

Our constant evolution over 125 years is possible with a foundation of stability. It starts with empathetic managers who care for your personal and professional development. You’ll always know where you and the company stand related to performance. By providing a thoughtful, comprehensive compensation program, you can stay focused on the design work you love to do. This transparency is refreshing as Shive-Hattery seeks to continuously improve and adapt to the changing market and workforce. A diversification of market sectors supports steady growth through economic turbulence and an opportunity for you to experience a wide variety of design challenges. All this drives a higher level of commitment and purpose, and a culture of high performance.

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Architect Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Moline, IL
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