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About Shook Construction Co.

Shook Construction has provided both general contracting and professional construction management services for over 96 years. We are recognized as a leader throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions for our strength in traditional construction methods and our innovative approach to cutting-edge technologies and delivery systems. At Shook, our Mission is To Dramatically Improve the Communities We Serve. It is our purpose and our driving force – the reason we show up to work every day. We carry out our Mission by being good stewards of our communities in a variety of ways, from Mission Trips to community service projects to giving back through The Shook Foundation. Our co-op program offers the opportunity to join leaders of all levels that got their start as a co-op at Shook, including our President and CEO, and includes training, mentorship, and a breadth of construction experience both on-site and in the office.



May 2022 - July 2022 Moraine, OH
“The work environment was great. Being a first-time Co-Op, I was nervous about going to work. Still, everyone at the annual convention and Moraine's office was very kind, involving me in conversations and allowing me to ask questions about Shook. I liked how Shook made an effort to get their Co-Ops together to form friendships and enabled us to talk about what we are doing at our own jobs. I also liked how I was regarded as part of the team, giving work that was beneficial to my job site.”

Project Engineering Co-op

January 2023 - April 2023 Moraine, OH
“I enjoyed being involved in critical tasks that better reflect the true scope of a project engineer. One of my favorite responsibilities was assisting in coordination modeling using Autodesk software. I was able to work under the mentorship of a Mechanical Engineer, which allowed me to dive even deeper into the finer details to uncover many often-overlooked issues. I loved having the opportunity to see the knowledge and experience from my previous co-ops unlock higher levels of responsibility and understanding. ”
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