Show and Heal

About Show and Heal

Vision Statement: Show and Heal believes all children are created equal. We envision a future where diversity is embraced ad self-care tools are accessible to all teenagers. Every child will have a voice and place in society through inclusion and investment in children for shared prosperity.

Mission Statement: Show and Heal has a holistic commitment to build child and community resiliency through Education, Inclusion, Advocacy. Show and Heal is a collaborative effort of like-minded individuals who understand the fundamental interconnectedness of all human beings.

Statement of Activities: Show and Heal commits to building child and community resilience through:
Education: Facilitation of after school programming focused on self-care to promote physical,
emotional, mental, and social health.
Inclusion: Community collaborations for peaceful, harmonious activities and trainings which serve to
bridge the gaps between diverse populations, contributing to social transformation.
Advocacy: Public and social media awareness campaigns using interactive multimedia and educational
forums to cultivate a sense of belonging.


Curriculum Intern

April 2021 - August 2021 West Palm Beach, FL
“I truly learned a lot about management (time and project), delegation, educational delivery and developmental planning. This experience was great for my first internship and I appreciate the opportunity to learn. ”

Journalism Intern

July 2020 - October 2020 Boca Raton, FL
“I liked that personal creativity was needed, there was a lot of room for growth and new ideas. This internship was very innovative and creative which was my favorite part. Also travel and learning opportunities, although disrupted by covid. ”
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