About Silfex

Silfex Incorporated is the world’s largest provider of high purity custom silicon components and assemblies that serve a broad base of high technology markets. As a market leader in advanced materials, Silfex provides integrated silicon solutions for the solar, optics, and semiconductor equipment markets.

With financial stability, technical depth, scalable capacity, and access to an extensive long-term supply of raw materials, Silfex is the best choice for manufacturing custom components and assemblies and providing quality materials.


Engineering Co-op

January 2022 - August 2022 Springfield, OH
“Silfex is eager and ready to get its co-ops hands on experiences. This was prevalent in my first week where I was assigned on several different projects right off the bat. This gave me the opportunity to learn hands on about a certain part of the process and just be able to lead the charge and run with it. I felt like I was actually an important factor of the process and not just someone who would shadow everything he could. Although, the company is very flexible with changing focus on which project you are working on for a change of pace or a set of fresh eyes. During my second semester here, I was able to dive further into the industry and the engineering processes that I couldn't in my first semester here.”

Business Operations & Project Management Intern

August 2018 Eaton, OH
“Enjoyed the work environment and the new challenge this job brought that has been different from others in the past”
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