About Silfex

From smart phones to solar panels, innovative technology is needed to create the devices we use every day. Our silicon components help make that techology a reality.

Silfex is the leading provider of precision components used to make and operate semiconductor manufacturing equipment – which enable the trillion-dollar global electronics industry. The company’s products are integral to the semiconductor equipment and optical markets. A wholly owned subsidiary of Lam Research, Silfex is the world’s largest custom silicon components growing and manufacturing facility.


Electrical Engineering Intern

January 2023 - August 2023 Springfield, OH
“I enjoyed the environment here at Silfex! They really focus on helping their co-ops have the best experience and make sure that they are involved with projects. They also do monthly check-in presentations to see what you have been working on and some ways to improve your presenting skills. At the end of the semester there is a final presentation over what all you did during your semester, and this is presented to higher ups here at Silfex. Overall, this co-op has taught me so many new skills that will carry over to anything else I do the engineering field. I got to do a lot of experimental projects during my time here. Which included saving the company money when it came to some of the machining steps during the manufacturing process. I also got to work on trying to make the products dimensions closer to what the target measurements and variables are. Overall, I did a lot of experimental projects to help find more ways for the company to save more money. I also got to help qualify a new machine that they got in right before I started here and I have also been able to learn how to operate the machine and how it functions! I once again have nothing but good things to say about Silfex! My second semester with them was just as great as the first. This semester I was given more freedom to work on projects that fell more into my wheelhouse. I was able to work on creating new codes and programs for the engineering team to help them with pulling their data. I also continued to get to work on the new cell of machines that they recieved in January and do some more experimental projects with those. I also had the amazing opportunity to present to higher ups regarding the process review for the cell of machines that I had been working on with my mentor. This was a great experience for me, I was able to gather more confidence on the presentation side of the job and being able to explain the process that I have been working on for the past few months. I also got to present at the end of my term again over all that I have worked on this semester and how I have helped the company which has been super cool! ”

Engineering Co-op

May 2023 Springfield, OH
“Silfex is eager and ready to get its co-ops hands on experiences. This was prevalent in my first week where I was assigned on several different projects right off the bat. This gave me the opportunity to learn hands on about a certain part of the process and just be able to lead the charge and run with it. I felt like I was actually an important factor of the process and not just someone who would shadow everything he could. Although, the company is very flexible with changing focus on which project you are working on for a change of pace or a set of fresh eyes. During my second semester here, I was able to dive further into the industry and the engineering processes that I couldn't in my first semester here. During my latest semester at Silfex, I was able to operate with a special level of freedom. Since I had been with the company for two semesters previously, they were very lenient with me going ahead with other projects and not redoing a number of training and orientation events. I was able to hit the ground running and just jump into other projects without a hovering presence. The company was very trusting in my ability to operate.”
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