Sony Music Entertainment

Content protection associate

June - August 2017 • New York City, NY

What I liked

I appreciated how their business and legal team respected my opinion during meetings they gave me the responsibility to take on certain projects on my own. Also I was researching copyright and copyright infringement with relation to the music industry which I found very interesting. I am very passionate about law and the music industry but I didn’t consider a niche in copyright and I definitely I’m considering it now.

What I wish was different

I wish I could’ve experienced more of the culture on the label floors because being a part of the business and legal team it was very day to day corporate activities that we had to partake in whereas the glitz and glam of record label floors has its appeal and the kinds of responsibilities I was to take on as an intern I believe would be drastically different if I was working with one of the record labels.


Never be afraid to send a cold email or cold phone call someone that you think is really interesting and you feel like their story and their experiences can positively impact yours. Even if you wanna know how they got their. Coffee breaks are a must and everyone loves them in the corporate world.
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