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About Spear Power Systems LLC

Spear Power Systems LLC (“Spear”), a leading provider of lithium ion battery systems, is a 100% U.S. owned Small Business, formed in 2013 and based in Grandview, MO USA. The Spear team has 10 years of experience developing advanced lithium ion battery cells and packs, and transitioning them from the lab/prototypes to mass production. Spear’s products support Defense, Naval/Maritime, Industrial) and Medical applications.

In support of the Department of Defense, Spear has developed battery solutions in support of aviation platforms, as well as batteries to support auxiliary systems to support these platforms. Other batteries developed support unmanned systems (air, subsea and robotics), expeditionary forces, energy storage/battery solutions for high energy and advanced laser programs, as well as other defense applications.
On the commercial side, Spear has designed solutions to support maritime, rail, mining, telecom, wearables and medical applications. These solutions include those for hybrid marine, rail shuttle cars and rail applications.
Spear – Performance, Reliability, Safety


manufacturing intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Grandview, MO
“the freedom to just do the work that I was assigned to do.”
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