About SpiceCSM, LLC

SpiceCSM was created to solve the problems associated with managing and maximizing the growing amount of data and systems being used in today's organizations. We were built inside of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contact center that serviced a multitude of clients and their business functions. Today SpiceCSM is used to provide that same level of simplicity and ease of use to many verticals spanning many different industries.

Our platform allows us to easily collect data from a variety of systems, present the information to the end user in an easily consumable, single unified view, and seamlessly push data back to the systems of record. Unlike many software vendors we do not require you to rip-and-replace your current systems and investments. This versatility, extensibility, and scalability makes SpiceCSM a valuable asset to any industry or organization.


Part-time Professional Services Agent

August 2020 Potsdam, NY
“Flexible works hours and great staff! Great place to expand and learn business skills, simple coding, and organization. Everyone is always willing to help if they have time in their schedule todo so and over a great learning experience. ”
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