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Started in 2007, Spiros Consulting conducts opposition research, policy work, and general consulting for Democratic candidates and interest groups across the country. We have worked in more than thirty states on races for Governor, the Senate, Congress, Attorney General, Mayor, and numerous independent expenditures, including on one of Politico’s “Top 10 political upsets of 2008” and the Washington Post’s "honorable mention" winner for "best gubernatorial campaign.” In 2011, Spiros helped Fort Wayne mayor Tom Henry win a tough reelection fight, marking the first time either party has “controlled the mayor’s office for 16 consecutive years since 1869." In 2012 Spiros helped elect Congress’s only General and only CEO of a publicly traded company. After the 2012 cycle, Spiros worked for Robin Kelly in her 27 point victory against 15 primary opponents in the special election to replace Jessie Jackson Jr. In 2014, Spiros worked for the Anthony Brown for Governor Campaign which won the primary campaign by more than 27 points. The decisive victory caused the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin to ask “has any statewide candidate been so eviscerated out of box by separate oppo hits as Gansler?” and the National Journal to call Spiros’ work the “Most damaging early oppo hit” for the first half of 2014.


Research Intern

January 2017 - May 2017 Washington, DC
“Hands on experience with almost every type of project.”
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