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About SPN Companies

SPN Companies; the parent company of SPN Construction, SPN Management & SPN Foundation was established in 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
We are 100% privately owned & operated; our President and leader, Saverio Nestico along with all management take personal pride in every project, product and service that SPN Companies delivers.

SPN Construction specializes is providing Home Modifications for individuals that are  physically or mentally disabled throughout the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware.
SPN Management is a Real Estate Management Company that specializes in Property Management and Real Estate investing. Our focus is on acquiring multi family apartments throughout PA and the surrounding states.

SPN Foundation was created to provide valuable experience for the aspiring entrepreneur that has a desire to start their own business. We will make you feel comfortable with being uncomfortable and inspire you!


Financial Analyst Intern

January 2022 - April 2022 Philadelphia, PA
“I had the pleasure of working at SPN Companies this Spring as a Financial Analyst Intern under the direct supervision of owner Saverio Nestico. Working 15-20 hours each week was certainly a commitment in addition to my existing responsibilities, however, I feel sincerely fortunate for this rewarding opportunity. I had the chance to review and familiarize myself with SPN’s financial statements, a highly valuable educational experience. Moreso, simply working alongside the team and learning about the company’s established processes has given me great insight into the demanding climate of business ownership. One major takeaway of this internship was that in order to perform any sort of useful analysis, one must first understand the underlying business. In my first couple of weeks at SPN, I spent my time studying the playbooks and financial statements, taking note of anything I didn’t understand the purpose of. This was my due-diligence period at SPN, in which I learned as much as I could in order to provide valuable insights and suggestions to Saverio. While many facets of the company’s structure were sound, I managed to pinpoint one unnecessary expense and saved >$1,000 by notifying Saverio and eliminating it. This accomplishment was a great start to my time with SPN and gave me hope of being an effective and valued member of the team. As an entrepreneurial-minded person myself, I appreciate the extensive consideration given to the companies’ playbooks and business operations. I always enjoyed my weekly meetings with Saverio, as well as those with Ayleana and Teddy. Bouncing my ideas off Saverio and challenging his own was always the highlight of our calls. I appreciate his open-mindedness and constant willingness to take conductive criticism and feedback. My meetings with Ayleana and Teddy were also fruitful, as they helped organize my thoughts and provided a friendly environment to discuss our day-to-day work. Overall, my time as a Financial Analyst Intern at SPN Companies has been hugely rewarding and given me a solid foundation of experience to build my career. To anyone considering applying to this internship, I highly recommend that you do and wish you the best of luck! ”

Financial Analyst Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Philadelphia, PA
“I liked being able to lead a team of my own and working with management to help the company financially. I was able to learn a great deal about financial analysis and apply what I learned in my classes on the job.”
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