About SpotterRF

At SpotterRF, we prevent incidents before they happen by creating and consistently improving the best compact surveillance radar on the market. We are driven by the need to protect critical infrastructure, increase awareness, and save lives.

Our solution at its core is wide-area detection and tracking – which provides advanced warning and response through automated alarms. Using cutting-edge radar technology, we pinpoint the GPS location of potential intruders around your property. We tell PTZ cameras where to look in real time so they're never looking in the wrong direction when you need them most. And we integrate the alarms into your system so that you get the alarms how you need them.

This is Protection Beyond Fences™


Content Specialist

March 2018 - January 2019 Orem, UT
“SpotterRF is making cutting edge technology to save lives. It get great getting to work everyday and knowing that the difference I was making was being used to help make the world a better place. ”

Hardware Engineer Intern

September 2017 - September 2018 Orem, UT
“Cool projects and technology. Lots of diversity in job tasks. (CAD, QA, Prototyping, Software, Testing etc..)”
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