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About Sprekk Supply Group

Sprekk Supply Group is an independent medical technology company with a focus on pain and spine that aims to accelerate the development and introduction of cutting-edge medical technology by making this technology readily available to healthcare providers.

Sprekk Supply Group was founded in November of 2019 as a back bracing company but has now evolved into a medical technology company representing the ENSO HFIT across the midwest - an innovative new device for for chronic pain treatment.

Sprekk Supply Group is a medical technology and lead generation software company focused on accelerating the use of cutting-edge medical technology for pain treatments in the Midwestern United States. Our goal is to offer non-invasive solutions to pain patients that can help them avoid heavy opioid use, as well as get their lives back from pain.

Located in Rockford, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri, we are currently remote due to COVID. All internships and positions are remote.

We distribute the ENSO HFIT device and multiple lines of spinal bracing for pain and spine. We also developed proprietary lead generation software that we license out to non-competing medical device companies.

Sprekk is actively recruiting students for our internship program, which includes two positions. One is our medical device sales internship where there is a heavy educational component on the anatomy of the spine, causes of pain, and pain management treatments (primarily neuromodulation and bracing because we are in the pain and spine space distributing these devices). They will also learn to sell by working with some of our reps on client outreach and sitting in on physician demo meetings through zoom. They will also learn how to effectively navigate Linkedin and create relationships with physicians and individuals in the medical device sales space. We host seminars and webinars, like earlier this morning for example we had Boston Scientific's head of HR and diversity speak and meet our cohort of interns. With most medical device companies looking for experienced professionals for their entry level positions, we think this sets students up nicely for beginning a career in medical devices.

The other position is a marketing / graphic design internship where there is still that educational component regarding the spine and pain, but less intensive. We focus on teaching them social media strategy and graphic design tools so they can begin to make graphics and have a good understanding of both B2B marketing and B2C marketing since we do both, primarily on Linkedin but also on Facebook as well.


Medical Device Sales Intern

January 2021 - May 2021 Rockford, IL
“The supervisors were extremely knowledgeable and realistic about the medical device industry. The experience very in depth and hands on with lots of education and calling experience giving me lots to talk about in interviews.”

Medical Device Sales Intern

January 2021 New Hyde Park, NY
“All members were present in order to help the interns. The environment was incredibly supportive and uplifting, and interns were all encourage to learn as well as communicate with one another. The internship is strong for those looking to gain experience, network, and explore within the industry. ”
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