Spring Hill College

About Spring Hill College

Spring Hill College is a private, Jesuit liberal arts college in Mobile, Alabama. It was founded in 1830 by Michael Portier, Bishop of Mobile.

The atmosphere on campus – the relationship between faculty and staff and students – is richer and more meaningful because we share a common goal regardless of faith, race, gender or background: to provide the very best learning environment possible so that our students are prepared to be responsible leaders in service to others and have the greatest opportunities to grow as young adults and succeed as professionals.

The Spring Hill College community works together to nurture learning for body, mind and spirit. We take the time and make the effort to teach and act with justice, with care and in the service of others.


Summer Resident Advisor

May 2019 - August 2019 Mobile, AL
“Much unlike the RA job during the semester, the Summer RA job has a lot less to do with actual residents, and more to do with preparing for incoming residents. It was fun getting to see what goes on behind the scenes and directly making different impacts that benefit our school as a whole.”
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