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Start big.

Transitions can be tough. They often involve decisions that can affect the rest of your life.

One of the biggest crossroads is completing your education and joining the workforce – especially if you’re considering a technology field, where the choice of jobs, industries, corporates vs. startups, and workstyles is nearly infinite and decidedly intimidating.

At Intralinks, our culture embraces all of those options and opportunities for our team. A world leader in technology-enabled services for finance, our scope as a company allows every employee to travel the best and most rewarding career path for their talents, interests and goals.

A quarter-century ago, Intralinks created the first virtual data room – an ultra-secure, online platform for high-value transactions that ignited a digital transformation and revolutionized every financial industry. Since that technological “big bang,” we’ve maintained our leadership position by staying in productive lockstep with our markets, constantly reviewing and renewing our products and services to meet the evolving demands of our six-million-strong user community around the world.

We proudly support financial professionals of every kind, engaged in strategic initiatives like mergers and acquisitions, private equity management, corporate lending, debt sales, capital raising and investor reporting. Intralinks has hosted more than $35 trillion in transaction volume on our platform, and we count among our clients more than 99% of the Fortune 1000.

If you’re starting a career in financial technology, why not start big? Join an organization where you can become your best self #WhatLinksUs.


Network Security Analyst

June 2019 - August 2019 Waltham, MA
“The work place environment, the office moral, and the teams I got to work with along the way as I was working on projects.”
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