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About Stairways Behavioral Health

Over 60 years ago, a few determined volunteers resolved to answer the profound need of individuals recovering from mental illness in our Erie community.
Major advancements in psychiatric treatments and medication resulted in the annual discharge of hundreds of patients from state hospitals. Many of these individuals lacked self-care and social skills and knew little about life outside of the hospital.
On April 6, 1961, 22 members of the Erie Chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women launched “Stairways” – named for the staircase clients walked up to arrive at the social rehabilitation center and toward a new life.
Today, Stairways Behavioral Health is the most comprehensive mental health care provider in Erie, serving more than 10,000 people annually and employing more than 200 full and part-time mental health professionals.

The conviction of the founders remains Stairways’ mission 60 years later –
Mission Statement
Stairways Behavioral Health assists persons with mental health care needs at any stage of life in their recovery by providing comprehensive rehabilitation, treatment and supports essential for living, working, learning and participating fully in the community.
Vision Statement
Stairways will create and foster an environment that makes recovery a reality for all.
Core Values
We believe that . . .

. . . the human spirit is resilient and powerful in confronting and overcoming adversity
. . . recovery occurs in environments that are respectful, welcoming, accessible and inclusive
. . . authentic relationships and compassionate involvement are the keys to healing
. . . consumers, families and significant others are our partners in the provision of services
. . . innovative thinking and flexibility permits us to respond quickly and adapt to change
. . . our commitment to lifelong learning and scientific understanding keeps us on the cutting edge
. . . our commitment to state-of-the-art care for clients and an organizational environment of ethics and compliance benefits everyone
. . . leaders emerge in every part of our system as they are needed
. . . the unique talents and diverse experience of each staff member makes a strong team
. . . collaboration maximizes resources and strengthens our communities
. . . we are responsible stewards of public funding and private donations


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May 2018 Erie, PA
“Working with people and working under psychiatrists and therapists”
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