Stanford Inn Eco-Resort

About Stanford Inn Eco-Resort

An eco-resort on California's Mendocino Coast offering a range of incredible guest experiences (canoeing, biking, wellness center, plant-based restaurant, indoor pool and more!), also hosts the "Environmental Leadership Field School" geared toward college students. This multi-disciplinary summer program empowers college students to bring a sustainable ethic to whatever career path they choose!


Environmental Field School Intern

June 2019 - July 2019 Mendocino, CA
“I was able to spend two months working at staying at a beautiful eco-resort all expenses paid! I did not have to pay for housing or food while I was there and the location is fantastic with many state parks and a cute town nearby. The courses/work I did there were diverse and kept me engaged while I was there. Not to mention the other interns and the staff were so welcoming.”
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