Starkloff Disability Institute

Communications Intern

January 2023 • St. Louis, MO

What I liked

I felt like we were furthering a cause that speaks to disabled people like myself and leaves a real impact. The staff was lovely to be around, very welcoming and understanding. Tasks were communicated clearly and effectively, and the work was flexible.

What I wish was different

The only thing that kept me from doing more was that my schedule was hectic during my final semester of college, but that came down to factors outside of our control and other commitments that don't reflect on Starkloff. In fact, my supervisors did everything in their power to be flexible, work around my schedule and make it easier.


Even if you don't choose to work somewhere like Starkloff, advocating for disability rights and inclusion is vital in any field. A lot of people and organizations, even those with strong commitment to DEI, ignore that diversity includes disability - we aim to see disabled people welcomed and thriving in all aspects of life.
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