State House Representative Sue Chew

About State House Representative Sue Chew

Sue Chew represents the area that includes the Boise Bench and stretches west to Cloverdale Road, almost to Eagle Rd. She predominantly works on bills that pertain to education, medications, substance abuse, and healthcare. Rep. Sue Chew is a member of the following House committees:
¬ Commerce and Human Resources
¬ Environment, Energy and Technology
¬ Health and Welfare
Remembering her father’s request that all of his children give back to their communities, Sue, though an introvert, said yes when asked to become a public servant and she has passionately represented District 17. According to Sue, it is vital that legislators are visiting with their constituents and discussing the issues that matter to them. Sue shapes her work to fit that value. She listens and she acts. Sue spends most of her time with constituents, making sure that they’re informed and involved. As a trained mediator, she understands the importance of working for win-win solutions. Therefore, her work is always collaborative-based and community focused
¬ Rep Chew’s team is looking for highly dedicated and self-motivated interns to help make a difference for all Idahoans!


Volunteer Coordinator

August 2018 - December 2018 Boise, ID
“I liked how Sue was so quick to respond to my application. She reached out to me and asked to meet. I wanted to intern with her so that I could learn the ropes of running a campaign. I learned about door knocking, making phone calls, and helping out with out tasks that need to be done. ”
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