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In 1935, the founders of the Staten Island Zoological Society set forth its purpose to which it has remained dedicated to the present: “The Purpose of the Society shall be to develop, extend and disseminate knowledge and appreciation of zoology and other branches of natural history through educational programs and research, and to maintain a collection of living animals” (Constitution and By-laws, Staten Island Zoological Society, 1935, Article II, Section I).

The SIZ is widely considered the first educational zoo in the country. The main zoo building was created with education in mind allowing for the construction of classrooms, laboratories and a lecture auditorium.

To use our department’s resources, zoo exhibits and the ambassador animal collection to create exciting and informative programs with a focus on increasing knowledge and changing attitudes toward conservation issues to influence increased conservation behaviors in our visitors.
To continue to educate our departmental staff on the trends in science teaching and learning, conservation efforts of AZA and an awareness of our audience to better serve the community.
To support zoo wide efforts in developing graphics and signage, conservation initiatives, fundraising opportunities and citywide cultural institution expectations.
Promote our zoo education programs through all available media to increase attendance and financial independence.
To foster partnerships with schools and institutions in order to become a community resource and broaden the reach of our conservation message



June 2019 New York City, NY
“I loved all of it. I love the hands on experience, I loved how each day was different, and that I learned something new each time.”
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