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About Stateside Associates

Since 1988, the Stateside team has worked in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and in dozens of local governments on behalf of a wide range of corporations, trade associations, advocacy coalitions, federal government and non-profit clients.

We have long been regarded as the industry leader and an innovator in the delivery of State and Local Government Affairs services – both information and direct advocacy support.

Stateside helps its clients recognize more success from their programs by providing unmatched expertise as state and local issue managers, access to a wealth of relationships and experienced, professional bandwidth to our clients’ programs.

Our staff of nearly 50 includes 25 former state legislative staff members, 7 attorneys and 12 issue managers with well over 100 years of combined state and local government experience. From government affairs program design to execution, there are experienced Stateside professionals available to help. Whether the task is legislative or regulatory monitoring, retaining the right lobbyists, developing strategic plans, budgeting, public sector sales, working with Groups or integrating grasstops into your program, the experienced team at Stateside Associates can help you succeed.

Stateside offers deep expertise in the core services, strategies and execution of local and state government relations.

We help our clients shape the public policy environment by knowing what is happening, who is involved and what tools are needed to influence the process. We also help clients sell products and services to state and local governments, build key relationships and understand the regulatory environment.

We believe that we understand our clients’ government affairs needs in ways that our keyword competitors cannot.


Local Government Associate

May 2018 Arlington County, VA
“Working with the local government team has been a unique hands on experience into the field of government relations and consulting. Keeping up with different cities for Alerts can be a little tedious, but you gain a lot of policy knowledge. ”
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