Stellar Exploration Inc

About Stellar Exploration Inc

High-quality aerospace solutions for military, civil and commercial customers. We have delivered several nanosatellite propulsion (CAPSTONE, EG-3, Lightsail 1 & 2), power, and RF tracking subsystems, as well as rich experience in satellite integration, solid rocket propulsion, and more.


Aerospace Engineering Intern

January 2022 San Luis Obispo, CA
“Stellar Exploration is unique in that everyone gets hands on experience in a variety of fields. As an intern I have had opportunities to lead my own projects and get a true feel for the engineering process in a professional environment. From a day to day basis I am able to 3d print my own parts, talk with suppliers, manufacture and build my designs, code, and even attend off-site tours at Vandenberg SFB. They are also extremely flexible with scheduling for students that are taking classes while working. Overall, interns at Stellar are exposed to more responsibilities and as a result are extremely prepared as future engineers.”
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