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About Stellartech Research Corporation

Founded in 1988, Stellartech Research Corporation (SRC) is a world leader in the development of innovative devices for both large, established companies and early stage start-ups in the medical industry. The medical systems SRC develops and manufactures typically combine a complex electronic device and a “smart” disposable. They employ energy-delivery modalities (such as radiofrequency, ultrasonic, or microwave) and combine them with low-noise sensor measurements, cloud-based wireless communication, advanced imaging capabilities, and other cutting-edge technologies. SRC’s commitment to a “Multiphysics” approach and the mastery of scientific principles has allowed us to achieve medical breakthroughs and pioneer many “firsts” in the industry. These include the first temperature-controlled RF generator for cardiac ablation, the first monopolar capacitive RF tissue remodeling system for cosmetic use, and the first balloon-based system for esophageal ablation. With over 28 years of success, SRC is continually developing new ideas to serve specialized markets in the medical industry.

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, SRC employs a staff with broad and diverse experience in key areas of medical device product development and clinical applications. We’re looking for top-notch Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Software Quality Engineers, Assemblers, and Technicians. If you’re interested in being a part of our journey to help save lives with sophisticated medical equipment, we definitely want to hear from you.


R&D Intern

June 2012 - September 2015 Milpitas, CA
“The internship allowed me to get exposed to Engineering tools such as Solidworks and the machine shop before I even took a class on it at Cal Poly.”
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