Stephens College

About Stephens College

Stephens College is a women’s college proudly located in Columbia, Mo., home to a flagship public university and two private colleges.

Since our founding in 1833, we’ve been offering innovative, career-focused programs sound in the liberal arts with a focus on creative arts and sciences. We take a hands-on, experiential approach to education, making sure our students get both quality classroom instruction and external work experiences that complement their coursework.

We also provide graduate, online and certificate programs available to women and men as part of our commitment to lifelong learning.

Stephens is proud to be a vibrant part of Columbia, offering community programming and exhibits, public performances and the Citizen Jane Film Festival. Through our Children’s School, the TRYPS Institute at Stephens College and our summer performance, sports and academic camps, we proudly educate girls and boys of all ages.

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Got any tips for me? Will soon be interviewing for a student assistant curator position in the costume museum at Stephens College!

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What's it like to be an assistant curator at Stephens College, specifically in the Costume Museum?

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