Stephens Media Group- WZNE FM- 94.1 The Zone

About Stephens Media Group- WZNE FM- 94.1 The Zone

This radio station calls itself "Rochester's New Alternative Rock". They post information about concerts events and has various DJs.
They have various shows On the Zone including Rover's Morning Glory, The 90s at NOON
The gentlemen's club, Gorilla radio and Zone Grown.

ROVERS MORNING GLORY: The show is hosted by Rover, with co-hosts Duji and Dieter contributing social commentary on a range of topics consisting of current events, pop culture, politics, and cast member’s personal stories. Rover is the ring leader of the crew with Duji doing the news with her segment called “The Shizzy”, while Dieter is a steroid-infused jock who every guy loves or hates.

The 90s at NOON: The “90’s at Noon” showcases your favorite tunes from the grunge days of rock! Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Rage, Alice in Chains, and some that you may have just forgotten about. Soul Coughing, Garbage, The Eels, Better Than Ezra, They’re all here. Listen from Noon-1pm Monday through Friday for your full hour of 90’s music.

THE GENTLEMENS CLUB: On Your Ride Home | 3:00 – 7:00 pm

GORILLA RADIO:"The only mental show in Rochester" on Saturday.

ZONE GROWN" for local music on Sundays


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May 2018 - September 2018 Rochester, NY
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