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Led by respected and veteran educational leaders from Philadelphia Futures and Steppingstone Scholars, Heights is rooted in the bold vision that “all Philadelphia students graduate high school and achieve economic mobility through college and workforce success.” Heights’ work reflects a deep and abiding commitment to break the cycle of generational poverty, which has long challenged the City of Philadelphia, connecting students – especially Black, Latino, and first-generation scholars – with a network of people who believe, and invest in, their talents. Beginning in middle school, students receive access to academic, workforce, and college support to propel economic mobility. Serving more than 3,000 students in Philadelphia, Heights works with students to provide not only programming including one-on-one advising, academic enrichment, internship opportunities, and financial support - but also pathways to success through every step of their lives.


Operations & Wellness Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Philadelphia, PA
“Interning at Steppingstones was the most life thrilling experience I've ever had. Steppingstone is a summer learning academy for grades 6th-8th in the Philadelphia area. My job title allowed me to work on an administrative level, but also interact with the students. Although I wasn't in the classrooms with the student, I was behind the scene helping with organization, lesson plans, and other activities. During recess, I spent most of my time getting to know the students and their talents, their goals, and plans for the future. From being with the students I learned that a few groups of girls had really good talent in dancing. I advocated on their behalf and spoke with the director and together we create Steppingstone's first talent show. I facilitated auditions and practices and with the help of another colleague hosted the talent show. I learned a lot about myself, other organizations, the importance of networking, and other related skills in the short months I spent at Steppingstone. I truly look forward to being able to revisit for another summer at the academy.”

Spanish Teacher

June 2018 - August 2018 Philadelphia, PA
“It was great to get in-class teaching experience, and the students were very excited to learn. ”
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