Stone Ward

About Stone Ward

We were born out of the desire of our founders, Larry Stone and Millie Ward, to be an agency that makes a real difference. Stone’s background was art. Ward’s was copy. So from the beginning, when the agency had four people and one phone (before cell phones — this particular phone had a really long cord so that it could be passed around), making great advertising was familiar territory.

Over the past 30 years, we have distinguished ourselves as a creative agency brand with long-term and respectful partnerships with clients large and small, local and international. Our list is intentionally diverse and gives us the opportunity to exercise our marketing muscle to help our clients make positive contributions to the economy and the communities they serve.

Along the way, we consistently devote significant portions of our profit and talent to help nonprofits do what they do better. This commitment is an important part of our agency DNA.

As a Camp Reality intern, you’ll get more than invaluable experience in advertising. You’ll get the opportunity to show off how extraordinary you are every day.


Public Relations Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Little Rock, AR
“This internship made me feel prepared to enter the world of public relations after graduation. They were patient and kind, but also expected me to work professionally and not to have to hold my hand. ”
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