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About Stonefield Engineering & Design

Stonefield is a full-service land development consulting firm providing land surveying, civil engineering, traffic engineering, and planning services. Our firm provides services for residential, retail, commercial, institutional and various other land-use projects across the country. Stonefield is committed to providing exceptional service for a wide range of land development programs dedicated to serving our clients’ needs.

We are a community of designers, engineers, artists, coordinators, administrators, technicians, surveyors, and planners. As a team, we embrace a spirit of creativity that allows us to be agile, fluid, and adaptable to the challenges at hand. With a wide variety of projects and communities served, we strive to utilize resourcefulness and responsiveness every step of the process while being grounded in quality design and technical mastery.

We deeply believe in the power of teaching, mentoring, and inspiring through collaborative design. Our mission is to deliver meaningful work and to do so with an intense spirit of passion, experimentation, and play.


Civil Engineering Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Detroit, MI

Engineering Intern

May 2019 Rutherford, NJ
“Very social environment, in and out-of-office events to have fun with coworkers; handed more responsibility once shown the aptitude for it; everyone in the office from top to bottom is very approachable; care a lot about personal development”
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