Storyline Strategies

About Storyline Strategies

From methodological approaches to new technologies, we’re setting out to reimagine research, pushing conventional boundaries in service of our clients.

Under the Storyline umbrella, there are limitless opportunities for what we can accomplish for the clients, partners, and organizations we support.

We are setting a new industry standard for research and strategy. The diverse experience of our team from agency to in-house ...corporate to non-profit gives us an acute understanding of what our clients want and an unmatched ability to deliver those results with speed and precision.

We’re not simply transforming the mindset, but the methodology as well, with an eye towards purpose-driven, effective innovation. Methods and tools designed not just for today’s needs, but to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.


Student Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Washington, DC
“The office was small, about 20 people and there were 5 other interns I was working with. I felt that I really got to learn about and understand the company and the work that they do. I also was able to regularly converse with senior leadership on projects and while getting lunch or coffee. This kind of close-knit experience really helped my professional development and made my summer enjoyable.”
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