StoryTrack Studio


June - July 2023 • St. Louis, MO

What I liked

I was able to be involved with pretty much as many activities/parts of the production process as I wanted to, which was really cool. I helped with pre-production, on-set work, and prep editing, I even helped commission a voice actor for a short video that I edited at the end of my experience. My supervisors also gave me a lot of trust, so I got to work independently most of the time and it never felt like I was being micromanaged.

What I wish was different

StoryTrack is a very, very small company, that works on kind of a ridiculous amount of projects at the same time. As a result, my supervisors were frequently too busy for me to talk with them much, and we had issues with computer availability which meant that there were periods of time where I either didn't know what to work on next, or couldn't do anything because I couldn't access the server. I know there isn't much that could be done about this, but I think being able to talk more with my supervisors would have gone a long way. I also wish the internship was a bit longer. 2 months flys by so quickly.


Be flexible, and don't be afraid to advocate for yourself if you feel like your aren't getting the experience you need. It is also ok to add, or change your goals as you go along.
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