StoryWarrior Media Capital LLC

About StoryWarrior Media Capital LLC

StoryWarrior Media Capital LLC empowers producers and investors with data-driven tools that unites a global community eager to participate in profitable film production.

Every year the demand for content grows as do the needs of the multitude of producers, investors and production service providers who supply this content. StoryWarrior Media Capital LLC is dedicated to transforming how independent films are financed by connecting the dots between producers, talent, distributors and all the many stakeholders involved in a production – all while taking advantage of the data we gather from producers, investors and production services companies to refine and improve the suite of useful and unique cutting edge tools we’re making available for free.

The partners at StoryWarrior Media are Jeff Geoffray and Amy Taylor.



August 2022 - May 2023 Anaheim, CA
“I liked the very relaxed schedule and the welcoming environment fostered by leadership. I felt like I could share ideas and give opinions without worrying that I wasn't being received well. I also liked the type of media StoryWarrior focuses on, specifically animation. ”


September 2022 Anaheim, CA
“I really appreciate the manageable work load, especially because I am still currently a student. This has been a great first internship for me to gain initial experience and further immerse myself into the industry. I have only had to read one script or complete a task each before the meeting each week, but I feel this is a fantastic stepping stone for me this early on in my career. ”
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