About STR

STR is a rapidly growing technology company with locations north of Boston, MA, Arlington, VA and near Dayton, OH. We specialize in advanced research and development for defense, intelligence, and national security, trying to understand how to protect our society: from stopping malicious botnet attacks, to understanding cyber vulnerabilities, providing next generation sensors, radar, sonar, communications, and electronic warfare to developing artificial intelligence algorithms and analytics to make sense of the complexity that is exploding around us.

We're not just any company. Our people, culture, and attitude along with their unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives put us on a trajectory to change the world. We can't do it alone, though - we need fellow trailblazers. If you are one, join our team and help to keep our society safe!


Sensors Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Woburn, MA
“My mentors worked hard to ensure that my project aligned very closely with my interests and passions. Additionally, they allowed me to work extremely independently, helping me when I needed a nudge in the right direction, but giving me the opportunity to figure things out for myself first. After I completed my summer project, I was able to tackle an additional project of my choosing and propose/implement a solution exactly as a full-timer would, which was a great experience to see what the real job would be like. Every person I was surrounded by was exceptionally intelligent (Including the other interns) but still very friendly and willing to help with even simple tasks. The HR team works hard to create a great company culture by planning many inventive social events!”

Electrical Engineering Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Woburn, MA
“I really enjoyed the flexibility of working at STR. The management and HR team really takes care of the employees-- there are a lot of chances to move around and work in different projects/groups to grow into fields of interest. As an intern, there probably will not be time to start new projects but from my experience there is a lot of effort that goes in to getting interns matched with relevant and interesting projects. There was also a lot of nice events for both interns and the whole company. On another note, interns are treated like normal employees. As an intern, you will work on projects as a new member of a team (or be tasked an entirely independent project). There's a big difference between working with a team/having a mentor and purely working under a mentor!”
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