Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC

Research Associate Intern

May - August 2019 • Framingham, MA

What I liked

I enjoyed learning new skill sets. I worked a lot with Excel doing market modeling, but I also gained experience writing for their subscription service. I learned a great deal about renewable energy policy and the inner workings of both energy markets and politics. I was able to work closely with senior staff and I received a great deal of mentoring throughout my summer there. I was given substantial responsibility and never found myself feeling bored because there was always a new project that I could help with.

What I wish was different

I would have liked to have worked more in groups with people whom I have a similar level of experience. I did a great deal of independent and guided research with senior staff members. This is far from a complaint about my experience, but I would have enjoyed collaborating with more of my colleagues. The employees each bring different skill sets to the table and I found myself wanting to learn more about the different areas people are well-versed in. I suppose I want to say I wish I had more time to work with everyone. Regardless, I enjoyed every day in the office as it is a fast paced environment filled with positive energy.


You should be ready to work. The staff at SEA is not shy about giving you real responsibilities that will have implications for clients from the time you begin working. Be prepared to learn on the fly and adapt to the needs of the company. There is no doubt that it will be a great experience!
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