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When “Pop” Swenson and a local butcher developed a special blend of meats and spices in 1934, they didn’t know that 82 years later their special recipe would have received awards such as “America’s Best” by one of the foremost food critics in America (Forbes FYI magazine, 1999); and the “Double Decker Burger Winner” by Iron Chef Michael Symon (Food Network 2010). Countless online customer polls and newspaper and magazine “best of the area” contests continue to recognize Swenson’s for that tradition of legendary taste, made-to-order freshness and friendly curbside service.

Swenson’s has always been about choices. From the signature Galley Boy burger, meatless Salad Boy, and a milkshake selection of 18 flavors with limitless combinations, to the refreshing fizz of the California and Florida beverages, crispy fries and six other sides, soups, salads, dinners and more, Swenson’s provides an extraordinary dining experience to fit every taste. All delicious, all fresh, all made to order. Call ahead or order upon arrival. Eat on the lot or get it to go. It’s all up to you!

Swenson’s always takes the extra steps to insure the highest quality and taste by making its scrumptious menu items with premium ingredients. Swenson’s burgers are made from prime cuts of meat ground fresh daily; the toasted, buttered buns are baked fresh daily; and Swenson’s homestyle soups and chili are always cooked fresh daily. What’s more, Swenson’s does not prepare your food until you order it, so it is always hot, fresh and delicious!

Swenson’s fans, aka “Swenatics,” enjoy Swenson’s trademark, lightning-fast, curbside service. No drive-through lines, no squelching speakers. As a Swenson’s customer, you never get out of your car. First-time visitors are astounded by the energy and enthusiasm of the pleasant servers who sprint to take and deliver orders. Swenatics know they can bring their family, their friends, even their pets and be confident they will all be treated to a deliciously memorable meal.

Few restaurants have been so ingrained in the fiber of a community’s daily life. Swenson’s answers the cravings of expectant mothers or the longings of students coming home for the summer. Swenson’s is the perfect spot for a first date, celebrating a Little League win, or the perfect finishing touch to a wedding reception. This unique drive-in creates an easy atmosphere blended with delicious, old- fashioned comfort food.


Dining Car Server

April 2019 Cleveland, OH
“Talking to customers and running with some amazing people.”


April 2019 Dublin, OH
“I really liked being active and moving around engaging with customers. I also enjoyed being around the people I worked with creating good relationships.”
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