Syracuse Opera Company

Administrative & Communications Intern

January - August 2022 • Syracuse, NY

What I liked

I've worked a few arts administration jobs in college, and this one was by far my favorite because I felt like I was really making a difference. The work I started with involved data projects and inventories and assisting with social media and mailings, which was kind of what I expected out of an internship; that I would get some skills and lend some of my expertise in exchange for class credit. But when I mentioned that I was interested in community outreach and box office management, the team gave me a shot to try some things out. I sought out new community parterships, helped set up meetings with community organizations, revamped our subscription system... all with guidance of more experienced people who were excited to balance my fresh perspectives with their industry knowledge. And if that sounds like a lot for internship, it was--which is why, once I demonstrated that I was good at what I did and took it seriously, the company brought me on in a paid position, which I'm still working in. And I absolutely love it. Plus, I get to spend time around a lot of great singers who have helped me as a musician as well. Honestly, this is what an internship should be. I think I could be happy at this company for years, and I've already gained so many skills that whenever it's time for the next step, I know I'll be ready and supported.

What I wish was different


To thrive in an internship with Syracuse Opera, you need to be someone with initiative who enjoyes working in a team. I am a creative person with lots of ideas who loves to dream up new programming, make this art form more accessible, etc., so it really suited me that we do lots of cross-departmental projects with folks constantly pitching in new ideas and plans constantly evolving and improving. But if you prefer to be very compartmentalized and/or if you like to get a task list and just check things off, this is probably not the right fit.
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