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What's to be expected going into an interview for a football correspondent position at the Tampa Bay Times?

If you don’t have a written sample of a game story, make sure to have one done to bring in. Some of the positions will offer the opportunity to write features as well, so writing samples of this kind will help in this instance.The most important bit is to be aware of the absurdly quick turnaround...
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What would I be doing in a prep football correspondent role at Tampa Bay Times?

It’s enterprising.I worked football - driving to location, stalking the sideline, tracking down coaches and keeping stats while writing half of my story at halftime. You have to be cool under pressure and able to problem solve as a one person unit. It’s all on you to put out an engaging, accurate...
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Can a major in history prepare me to be a prep football correspondent for Tampa Bay Times?

History was always a passion, but as it pertains to writing for the Times I think the academic side of the major helped. History papers can require a herculean effort to make them interesting, sometimes the same can be said for games and stories. Drawing people in without sounding like a carnival...
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