Why or why not would you say that Target is a good place to start a career?

It’s a good job to have during the school year and the summer and I would say if you are trying to go into management of some kind or want to be a manager at a store like target that is a great place to go to get your foot in the door and get retail and customer service experience.
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Just landed an interview with Target! Any advice that could be helpful?

Be yourself during the interview. Come prepared with accurate anecdotes about how you’ve handled various situations in the past, and be able to communicate those stories clearly and concisely. Don’t fabricate any stories. The questions are designed for employers and managers to get a sense of you...
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Should I expect to have a lot of interaction and support from my higher-ups at Target retail?

Being a part of the Flow Team is very much like a team sport with heavy emphasis on the individual players. The upper management will often assign individuals to work the same areas of the store consistently, so those individuals can become masters of those sections. Depending on how big the stor...
Relationship with Upper Management Support Retail Target
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What was your motivation to work at Target?

I shopped at Target before I worked there. Every experience that I had was positive, the team members were nice and the Target app was useful. The environment is what motivated me to apply at Target and in turn, accept the job once I was hired.
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On the flip side, what skills are important if you are a "Softlines" Team member at Target?

The most important skills are good people skills especially when dealing with management, co-workers and customers. Depending on how busy your store is multitasking is also a great skill to have.
Skillset Retail Target Softlines Team Member
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What makes up a successful Flow Team Member at Target?

To succeed as a Flow Team Member at Target, you’ll need to be flexible, be able to combine working quickly with working carefully, and be willing to walk and lift continually throughout a shift. Many Target stores have Flow Team hours that are either very early morning (my shift was usually about...
Skillset Retail Target Flow Team Member
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Aside from patience, what skills would I need to succeed as a Target Customer Service Representative?

The hallmark skill set to maintain in most high level customer service roles would include an in depth knowledge base coupled with keen listenting skills and an empathetic, one-on-one relationship with the customer or prospect which is reflective of those developed qualities of the skill set.A co...
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Thinking of applying to work at Target. Do they offer a mentorship?

Target does offer a mentorship program, it really helps team members learn and improve any tasks that are required of them. I really think is beneficial to have this program because not only does it help the employees become successful at their job by receiving monthly training, but it also benef...
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What skills are needed to be successful as a cashier at Target?

As a cashier, it is important to be very upbeat, positive, and good under pressure. Being a cashier at target means that you're willing to work long hours and in a very structured workplace. It is important to really enjoy talking to people and being able to deal with difficult customers.
Skillset Retail Target Cashier
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What qualifications do I need to be a backroom employee at Target?

You must be able to work quickly and accurately. Backroom team members are always on the move, answering questions, working with customers and fulfilling the floor. In order to succeed, you must have a sense of urgency while at the same time making sure to stay accurate with counts, stocks and or...
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What is it like working in the meat department at Target?

A typical day is very full. The meat Dept also has to do a lot of work with the dairy department, at least in my store. Most of the time there is more work than one can complete in a shift so whatever is leftover rolls onto the next persons shift. Lots of stocking and backup cashier work due to t...
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What would you say are important qualifications in being a sales floor trainer at target?

To succeed as a sales floor trainer, you have to be able to delegate. You usually aren't offered the position until about 3-5 months after starting as a regular sales floor team member; this gives you time to acclimate and get used to the work environment. There isn't any extra pay associated wit...
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If you are associated with being a "Hardlines" Team Member at Target, what would you say are the necessary skills to do well?

The skills you to succeed on the sales floor is your need to be very personable and have a tough skin. Sales floor is a lot of customer service so you need to be able to engage in a conversation with a guest and be able to be patient with people that may be acting tough or irritating to you. You ...
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