The Great Reset

Marketing Intern

June - August 2021 • Nashville, TN

What I liked

I loved working with my coworkers at The Great Reset. It allowed me to grow my network in multiple different industries because they all had extensive knowledge from previous jobs. I also loved the level of independence and trust that my supervisors gave me.

What I wish was different

This experienced helped me learn that I want to work for a larger company than The Great Reset. I did not love working for a non profit. Although I learned a lot, I now know it is not something that I want to pursue after graduation. I would prefer to work for a more established and larger organization.


Last year, while applying for summer internships, I was unsure about what I wanted my internship to be. Randomly, someone recommended that I work for a nonprofit because of my major in religion and social responsibility/ethics. Although I did not love working for a nonprofit, the experience allowed me to learn more about what I do want to do. Some characteristics of the work environment and my responsibilities that I loved included: working on a team, working with people, creating content for social media, and community outreach. These are all things I will remember as I think about my future career.
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