The Salvation Army Three Trails Camp & Retreat Center

About The Salvation Army Three Trails Camp & Retreat Center

The primary purpose of Three Trails summer camp program is to provide a safe environment where individuals can learn about God and His creation, develop healthy relationships, gain new skills, and have fun.



May 2017 - July 2019 Kansas City, MO
“I loved the atmosphere. It's a very positive environment! I always love it at 3TC! I've had some of life's best moments there. I have had my own personal ups and downs there, but I can assure everyone that majority of my experience working and attending camp was a positive experience. I've been taught a new valuable lesson every year that helps me learn more about myself and personally grow emotionally. The friendships made here always feel like a family, I got closer to someone new every year. One I'm best friends with, and the other I talk to regularly!”
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