The Scott Fetzer Company

About The Scott Fetzer Company

Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of high quality products for the home, family, and industry comprised of more than 20 businesses. In addition to The Kirby Company, some of its best known businesses are World Book (encyclopedias and reference materials), Ginsu Brands (maker of Ginsu knives), Adalet (explosion-proof enclosures), United Consumer Financial Services (consumer financing), Meriam (instrumentation), Halex (electrical fittings), Carefree (RV accessories), Wayne Water Systems (sump and utility pumps) and Western Enterprises (compression gas fittings).


Internal Audit Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Westlake, OH
“The work you are given is the same as staff employees. Trusted with important work, so you feel like you are doing meaningful work. ”
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