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About The Stony Brook School

The Stony Brook School is an independent college preparatory school (grades 7-12) that exists to challenge young men and women to know Jesus Christ as Lord, to love others as themselves, and to grow in knowledge and skill, in order that they may serve the world through their character and leadership.

Founded in 1922 with the motto “Character Before Career,” The Stony Brook School seeks to educate students in matters of the mind, body, and heart. Students are challenged to become leaders with integrity and virtue; character development is considered an essential component of the educational process. The Stony Brook School is known around the world as an institution that prizes both academic rigor and authentic Christian faith. With talented students from around the country and around the globe coming to us from a variety of faith backgrounds, potentially world-changing ministry opportunities abound.

We are seeking educators and staff who are inquisitive, proficient, multi-talented, and passionate about impacting young lives; individuals who view the pursuit of knowledge as a life-long responsibility. Our living and learning environment is nurtured in the belief that community spirit grows from and thrives on multiple points of contact (i.e. teacher, coach, dorm parent, advisor) between faculty and student.

If you believe your commitment, skills, talents, and passion can enhance this environment and support the equipping of tomorrow's leaders, we encourage and welcome your application.

Stony Brook is also assembling a team of world-class missional teachers and administrators for its online program, Gravitas. Through Gravitas, Stony Brook is taking excellent Christian education and character formation to the ends of the earth, making a Stony Brook degree accessible to anyone, anywhere. Part-time and full-time positions are available to those who want to join in the good work we are doing through Gravitas.


head of summer camp

July 2019 - August 2019 Stony Brook, NY
“The leadership responsibility.”
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