The Woodlands Foundation

About The Woodlands Foundation

The Woodlands encourages everyone, of every ability and disability across the lifespan, to safely explore what’s possible and discover new levels of independence. Join our staff on the journey to help reinforce social, recreational and life skills growth. Participants are empowered at every level, and celebrated in a welcoming and approachable group setting such as our camps, retreats, clubs and events.

Our internships are paid positions and we offer them in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Students receive hands-on experience working with our participants to not only learn about various disabilities but are trained to manage behavior redirection, transferring, personal care, and ISP documentation.

The Woodlands is a great choice to prepare students to be a member of the professional team of providers that will serve members of the disability community throughout their life.



May 2023 - July 2023 Pittsburgh, PA
“As a psychology major looking to go to school for counseling, my experience at the woodlands was very helpful and gave me good experience to express in my applications for grad school. You learn a lot about working with different disabilities and you make so many sweet memories! Also the staff you work with is always so helpful and will be there to help you get adjusted to the new role!”


June 2021 - August 2021 Wexford, PA
“I really enjoyed the experience of working with this population. I was working with individuals with disabilities. These ranged from physical to intellectual or developmental disabilities. I loved getting to know my coworkers and campers. The activities were a lot of fun and I learned a lot about personal care. ”
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