This Bar Saves Lives

Marketing Intern

May - August 2018 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

This Bar is a small and growing company, and they utilize their interns to an extreme. I was able to take part in many large-scale projects: from pitching new bar flavors to producing reports to advise the CEO. I also gained valuable networking skills from attending investor meetings, speaking to celebrity friends of the brand, and embracing the amazing mentorship available to me. Overall, This Bar was a great place for me to work because I thrive in fast-paced environments where you are given a lot of responsibility. Honestly, it was the best work experience I've ever had. I walked out of my internship with a firm sense of my strengths and career trajectory.

What I wish was different

The exec's talked a big talk about components of the internship program at the beginning of the summer, but ultimately a lot of the programming that they said would take place fell through the cracks. I just wish none of it was held in front of us because it would have been less of a let down later on. Also, since This Bar works interns like full-time employees, a bit more pay would have been nice. LA is EXPENSIVE, and this should be a consideration to the organization if they want to retain the best talent. Lastly, This Bar is a super lean organization (and purposefully so), but this means everyone has a lot of work to do. This increases turnover and even leaves interns feeling a bit burnt out! Expect a lot of work if you have a high capacity.


Let your bosses know your capacity. Only accept an internship here if you want a true learning experience. If you just want a resume boost, please go elsewhere. This Bar truly cares about its mission- and you should too as a prospective employee. Work here for an unexpectedly amazing summer that makes your life plan do a 360!
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