THP Limited

Marketing Co-op

December 2021 • Cincinnati, OH

What I liked

The team culture at THP is my favorite aspect of the company. As a co-op, a learning environment is so important to work in, and I feel everyone at THP is always more than willing to teach you something new. They truly want you to be the best you can be, regardless of your future at/with the firm. The work THP does around the city of Cincinnati, and most importantly University of Cincinnati, is truly astounding. As a co-op, it feels so nice to be apart of a team/company accomplishing and building great things around our city.

What I wish was different


Structural engineering as a marketer is an acquired "taste". With an opportunity like this you just have to dive head first and not look back. With co-oping in this industry, I've learned no piece of information is irrelevant, so if someone's willing to teach you, learn all you can from them!
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