About Threshold

Threshold is a startup based in Spokane, WA. We’re a small team with bold dreams to be the global leader in home-based events and entertainment.

At the core of our company is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that helps artists– musicians, authors, subject-matter experts, or anyone else with a fanbase– find their fans anywhere around the world, set up shows at their fans' home or business, and–here’s the best part– make a sustainable living wage.

Everything we do at Threshold is driven by our 'humans-first' philosophy.

This is why we chose to become a Public Benefit Corporation– to create a charter that holds us accountable, not solely for the creation of profit, but for the betterment of the people and communities we serve. We could create an innovative platform with awe-inspiring engineering and 10X revenue growth, but if it separates users from the better parts of their humanity it will have been an utter failure.

We believe…

• Each one of us is a unique work of art billions of years in the making– you f_kn matter.
• Art is fundamental for the cultivation of a healthy, diverse, and humane society.
• Artists must be free to pursue their craft– unfettered by dogma of any kind.
• People and our Planet are just as important as Profit.
• Main St. is just as important as Wall St.
• Any technology that robs people of the better parts of their humanity is a failure.
• Any technology that causes physical, emotional, or spiritual harm is a failure.
• Growth is not always the best option.
• Difference makes us better.
• Competition makes us stronger.
• Transparency makes us healthier.
• Openness makes us wiser.

If you love the arts, other human beings, and the potential that technology offers to better the world, you'll love working with us.

Egotists, hermits, and the indifferent need not apply.



June 2020 Willowbrook, IL
“The creative freedom the other interns and I have is so great, and we all communicate very well.”
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