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About Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex

Tijuana Flats Restaurants is proud to be an industry leading, innovative Tex-Mex restaurant brand known for our craveable, bold-flavored food and our iconic hot sauce bar. Occupying a unique position in the fast-casual segment with our exceptional hospitality and service model, we have developed a passionate, dedicated customer base over company’s over 25-year history.
We want you to be successful so we can be successful. Join us and reap the benefits.

Like most college kids, our founder, Brian Wheeler, liked going to bars and restaurants. So much so that in 1995, he got the crazy idea to open his own despite never having worked in one. Problem was, like most college kids, Brian was broke. Fortunately for Tex-Mex fans, Brian’s dad loaned him the money to open the first Tijuana Flats in Winter Park, Florida. In ‘99, Brian’s success caught the eye of restaurant industry hotshot Camp Fitch, who left retirement to become partner & chairman of Tijuana Flats. Brian’s dad, Chester Wheeler, soon followed suit, leaving a 30-year career at a Fortune 500 company to become CFO of Tijuana Flats. Since then, Tijuana Flats has grown to multiple locations in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, and now Georgia and Tennessee. We satisfy people’s cravings for bold flavors and colorful experiences piled high with big-hearted over-the-top service. And we proudly celebrate every person and every community with Tex Mex For All. That nicely sums up what we do. But who are we at our core and what do we believe? Our core values can answer that. They’re the main things we believe are important in life and behaviors we strive to achieve at all times: RESPECT, QUALITY, OPPORTUNITY, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, FUN, and COMMUNITY.



March 2020 - August 2020 Fleming Island, FL
“I loved my co-workers and my supervisors. Tijuana is a family and I was thankful to have worked during COVID-19 when many were unable to. ”


May 2019 - August 2019 Fleming Island, FL
“I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant. I worked there in high school and when I was home for the summer I love how they let me return working. ”
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