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About TLT - Tomorrow's Leaders Today, Inc

Our Mission: TLT – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping develop youth leaders through education, collaboration and mentorships with community & business leaders for the collective benefit of the students and their communities.

TLT-Leading Leaders Internship Program strives to provide each young adult participant, ages 15, and older in Texas, the hands-on opportunities to gain valuable experience to integrate with their career path in mind, while developing leadership qualities and skills with hands-on curriculum-based opportunities. These positions are all 100% REMOTE which allows us to serve many young adults, in many locations, and inclusive to all. Engagement with business, civic and community leaders aligned with the participant’s career choice leads to more meaningful connections.

Check with your counselor, school advisor or professor. Some schools are offering credit for completing our curriculum-based program. Also check with your career services center as some schools offer grant opportunities to receive stipends.

Throughout North Texas, TLT works with students 8th grade and older. Our focus is to identify youth in underserved, economically challenged situations, to integrate their career path/goals, while developing leadership qualities and real-life skills. Some of our in-person programs have engagement with business, civic and community leaders aligned with the participant's career choice which leads to more meaningful connections. The selection of the class facilitator, mentors, internships and community service projects foster these relationships. The participant will learn how to be a self-sufficient community member and leader in any career they choose.

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Human Resources Intern

September 2022 - November 2022 Frisco, TX
“We got real world experience; this really prepared me for future opportunities. I had a real fear for presenting but with this Internship I was able to work on that. I would put an emphasis on that, interns here are able to work on building their confidence and professional skills. It was such a great opportunity! I would suggest for other to join too!”

Impact Management Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Frisco, TX
“I was able to experience how it feels to work remotely, at the same time stay on top of my given projects and work. I was able to learn more about data management strategy that communicates the organization's intended outcomes, programs, activities, inputs, outputs, and reports progress. Also, I was able to assist and also oversee in analyzing the data and creating an impact report.”
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