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Does United Airlines offer any programs for students? For instance, mentorship, internships, or co-ops?

Yes, we have a 12-month one-on-one mentoring program open to hired UA management and administrative employees. The program is voluntary and participants are expected to meet for at least 1 hour per month. The objective is to Promote career development, build cross-organizational skills, networkin...
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Given the experience you've had at United Airlines, how would you describe the company culture?

the company culture is rooted in collaboration which is unique for such a large organization. It never seemed intimidating or hypercompetitive - everyone was open to helping out the interns and serving as mentors.
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What are some necessary skills to succeed as a business development intern within United Airlines?

You need to be a self-starter, flexible, creative, and have the ability to analyze metrics to find out what works to promote United on campus and what doesn’t, and change accordingly.
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What's a day in the life really look like for a customer service and sales representative at United Airlines?

There is an extensive training before employees are assigned "to the floor" (take real calls) so you can be confident you will be ready by the end of the training. Each employee has a different schedule, assigned by lottery and seniority. I wanted to start as early as possible and the earlier tim...
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Is there much work-life balance and flexibility for a sales representative at United Airlines?

As a new employee, it should not be expected to have a schedule 9-5 and regular week ends. My week ends were usually Wednesday/Thursday. It should be expected to have your lunch time at 4 or 5 pm when starting in the position (unless an employee chooses to work at night, which is typically easier...
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Is there any work ownership to be expected as an IT associate developer at United Airlines?

Over the past 3 years at United, I have come to the realization that you will always be expected to take full ownership over the work that you do, but ownership doesn’t mean that you must do the work by yourself. It instead means that you make the commitment to get the work done, and rely on your...
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Going into an interview for a business development intern position at United Airlines, what qualities would catch their attention?

The main qualities someone should highlight will ideally be related to their willingness to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people/discover avenues to solve problems that haven't been previously introduced to them. The role is all about making new connections with students, faculty, an...
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Does anyone know how much a business development intern is paid at United Airlines?

$15/hr as of 2016/2017. My role was on-campus.
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Can you share what a day in the life of a structures engineering intern may be like at United Airlines?

The work days at United are generally 8 AM to 4:30 PM, although the start and end times can be lightly adjusted as long as you get your 8 hours in each day (excluding a half hour lunch). The only consistent meeting in my schedule was a 9 AM morning meeting with the Structures group. Outside of th...
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Do the structures engineering interns at United have much work-life balance?

The work life balance is very good. Engineers are encouraged to only work 40 hours a week. If you do work more than 40 hours a week, the extra time can either be converted to overtime pay or to "comp time", which essentially is paid time off. Only once during my internship did I have to work on a...
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Any tips for my upcoming phone or video interview with a company in the aviation industry, such as United Airlines?

Study up on planes (specifically United ones). The interviewers are always impressed when you can spout some knowledge about new aircraft in the United fleet. Read aviation news articles prior to the interview and make it clear you know what you're talking about and that you enjoy aviation.
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What's an average day in the life like for a ticket agent at United Airlines ?

A typical day at work included reading emails and taking phone calls that could be anything from getting seats assigned for a flight to manually changing a fare on a ticket when a passenger wants to upgrade to business class on their return. This had to be done quickly and accurately and in 2 cur...
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I'm interested in becoming a ticket agent for United Airlines, but will I have much work-life balance?

This job require full-time work as a ticket agent. You will be working with individuals who needs to travel for holidays,weekends and nights. You can expect to work 40+ plus hours a week.
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What can I expect from the training program for an engineering auditor at United Airlines?

The training program was mostly hands-on working alongside an experienced auditor. This role required knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs/CFRs) and internal processes along with a general understanding of aeronautical operations.
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Does a United corporate communications intern have much ownership over their work?

You definitely have a lot of ownership over the work you do, as managers, directors, and employees ask you to produce content or edit some type of communications for them. However, there is also a great deal of collaboration as the company is so large, and working with experienced professionals g...
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I'm interested in a flight service coordinator position at United Airlines. What does the training program look like?

Training consists of a 5-6 week program in Houston, TX. You learn about the aircraft fleet, emergency/security procedures, and service
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