Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara

About Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara

Since 2006, we’ve strived to provide full-service management of unique vacation homes, all while providing an amazing and hospitable Santa Barbara experience for our guests. We are a different kind of property management company. Our aim is to create partnerships with select property owners and provide full-service management of their unique vacation homes.

With local real estate and property management experience in the Santa Barbara area, we know what it takes to improve the desirability of homes and maximize occupancy and income. We handle everything, from maintenance to unique guest requests, providing a simplified, full-service experience.



May 2021 - August 2021 Santa Barbara, CA
“I liked that it was part time... I was also taking classes at the same time and this job allowed me to use my skills to make some money in a great environment with great employers and coworkers as well as take a full load of summer courses”
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