Valley Forge Educational Services

About Valley Forge Educational Services

Valley Forge Educational Services (VFES) offers educational, summer and employment-related programs for people with disabilities. The hallmark of our programs is our collaborative and holistic approach to each child, adolescent and adult, recognizing their unique abilities and needs through team efforts. Individuals of all ages come to learn, share, appreciate and respect one another while developing skills necessary for success.

Our programs include:

The Vanguard School, a Pennsylvania licensed, Approved Private School serving students, 4–21 years of age, who require a high degree of individualized attention and intervention including those with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, speech-language deficits and students who experience social-emotional, executive functioning and behavioral difficulties.

Adult and Recreation Services offers educational and recreational programming for young people, 7–21 years of age, with special needs and learning challenges. programs are designed to maximize each individual’s potential. Participants excel in an inclusive, encouraging, enriching and supportive learning environment.

Customized Workforce Solutions provides employment-related services to adults with disabilities. We focus on person-centered support and training to help job seekers attain their employment goals.


ESY Classroom Aide

June 2019 - August 2019 Malvern, PA
“I loved being about to make a difference in children's lives and having a new experience each and every day.”
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