About Valuant

Valuant is a growing FinTech company on the leading edge of risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and financial consulting emerging issues. We empower management teams with the analytical tools and services needed to maximize profitability in the complex world of financial modeling by providing consulting and data analytics services to financial services companies. We are also the creators of proprietary software, the ValuCast™ Suite Accounting Hub, a set of dynamic technological tools intended to streamline bank processes and facilitate more meaningful analysis. Product offerings within ValuCast Suite include CECL Modeling and CECL Readiness, Incurred Loss Modeling, M&A, Exit Pricing, Model Validation, Financial Consulting, and Risk Management.


Client Service Intern

January 2018 Columbia, SC
“The people at Valuant make the company as great as it is. The internship role is treated as a learning experience of key processes and components of the company rather than things like going to get coffee. I was surrounded by some of the smartest and nicest people that I have met, and I learned more working for Valuant than I have in most of my classes.”
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